UK R&B Star Ricardo Williams Releases: Intermission Volume 1

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The status of R&B has become an uphill battle when it comes to authenticity versus contemporary. Grant it, there are a plethora of ‘new’ artists who have taken Contemporary R&B by a storm. H.E.R., Daniel Cesar, SZA, and the list are extensive. However, when it comes to R&B – many people assume that it is at a standstill. The golden-ages are nearly extinct to the point where the millennials are taking a chapter of their parents and grandparents book, reflecting on when music was fruitful, especially on a Saturday morning when it’s time to clean house and prepare a meal.

Truth is, R&B has never left, but it is not as prominent on the airwaves as it once was. With new aged technology, most genres are infused with one another, therefore, making the authenticity from the original fizzle into the dark.

At least that is what we are expected to believe.

Ricardo Williams – Intermission Vol. 1 (April 30, 2019)

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Ricardo Williams embodies a refreshing sound to our ears, yet encompasses vocal agility to battle the current R&B crooner(s) when he has not solidified his mark as an artist as of yet. Over the last couple of years, Williams sparked the interest of many music lovers by dropping a few singles that he wrote and produced. Most notable singles, “Deeper,” and “Come Over” (Parts I, II (ft. Mark Asari, J. Warner, and Jordan King), and III (ft. Teedra Moses) garnered massive attention in the U.K. and established a repertoire with some of America’s heavy hitters. In the summer of 2018, Williams was the opening act for R&B songbird, Faith Evans and has been on the verge of making a name for himself with no intentions of backtracking.

His highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Intermission Volume 1’ is nothing short of an R&B cluster – or in layman terms, a sheer reminder that “R&B hasn’t died, it went on an intermission.”

The 8-track EP features Yummy Bingham and Teni Tinks which each record is worthy of constant rotation on your playlist.

Intermission Vol. 1 – Tracklist

Currently, the EP is available on all digital platforms.