Kurtis Blow Hospitalized at UCLA Medical

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On behalf of the staff of MusicXClusives, we are sending prayers and positive affirmations to one of the founding pioneers of Hip-Hop; Kurtis Blow who is currently hospitalized at UCLA Medical in Los Angeles, CA. The 59-year-old hall-of-fame emcee turned ordained minister took to his social media account last night (April 30) to express his current health condition to his fan base.

“To all my fans and family. I am in the hospital at UCLA Medical.  I am preparing for an aortic artery repair procedure tomorrow morning. The procedure will stabilize the artery from further damage caused by the hematoma I contacted from my recent travels to China. Dr. Kwon is an incredible surgeon with hundreds of these procedures under his belt. I trust that God will use him as a tool of success tomorrow.

Please keep me in prayer. I will see you all soon!!!  Encouraged!!

KB”  — Kurtis Blow’s Instagram

This is not the first time that the Hip-Hop icon encountered a health scare. Back in October 2016, Blow went into cardiac arrest in his Woodlands, CA home, where his pulse went into an idle state for a short period of time, nearly losing his life from the tumultuous experience.

We wish Kurtis Blow a full recovery after his procedure!