HIStory: Mousey Baby Talks Foxy Brown, “Hate Crime” case, Nicki Minaj, Cam’ron vs Mase, Cardi B

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In the midst of an ongoing recent “hate crime” charge, Brooklyn rapper Mousey Baby, who is widely known through his affiliation with Hip Hop legend Foxy Brown is finally speaking out and clearing the air on what happened on March 5. The 32 year old sat down with us exclusively to tell us that he acted out in self defense in an altercation that occurred outside of a fast food restaurant and gay nightclub, where apparently 3 individuals were injured, as well as himself. Since the incident, the rapper has obtained a new lawyer and says the “hate crime” charge has been dropped, due to his connection with Foxy, considering her large LGBTq fan base and he denounces rumors of being homophobic. Although, he is currently out on bail, Mousey does have new music in the pipeline, including his brand new single, “Made It” as well as a new project releasing at the top of 2018.

He also spoke on how he got started in music, from writing at the age of 12 to dancing in music videos for the likes of Destiny’s Child and appearing on shows such as MTV’s Duets in the past. Playing the role as Foxy’s hypeman on the road and having written for some of your favorite artists over the years, Mousey is finally taking center stage. He credits older brother Young Gavin and rapper Loon (formerly of Bad Boy Records) as his mentors, while some of his major influences includes Sean “Puffy” Combs aka Diddy, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, and Fabolous. During our sit down, he also expressed his thoughts on the state of NY Rap, introducing Foxy to Nicki Minaj through her ex Safaree Samuels, female rappers he’d love to collaborate with including Young M.A and Cardi B, admitting to liking Cam’ron over Mase, reality TV and much more.

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