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Rick Ross Attacked by OVO Crew After Playing Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Track at Canadian Show



Rick Ross, Drake, Kendrick Lamar

Rick Ross ongoing feud with Drake escalated to physical violence when OVO members attacked him after he played Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver on Sunday (June 30).

During his performance, Rozay played Kendrick’s hit diss track, which accuses Drake of being a pedophile. After leaving the stage with the song still playing, Ross was confronted by a group of men angered by his choice of music on Drake’s home turf.

The confrontation quickly turned violent when one of the men sucker-punched Ross, sparking a brawl that lasted several minutes. The OVO crew appeared to gain the upper hand, with several of Ross’s entourage members being beaten and knocked to the ground. Ross managed to avoid most of the fight after the initial punch.

The altercation left one of Ross’s team members unconscious on the grass, requiring assistance to be carried away.

This incident follows recent threats of violence against The Weeknd by Toronto rapper Top5, who is facing a murder trial. Top5, siding with Drake in his feud against Kendrick Lamar and others, warned The Weeknd to stay away from Toronto.


Rick Ross’s beef with Drake, which started in April, has seen Ross release the diss track “Champagne Moments,” where he mocks Drake’s heritage and alleged plastic surgery. Ross revealed that their fallout began over a cease-and-desist letter Drake sent to French Montana regarding a feature.

“I unfollowed you because you sent a cease-and-desist to French Montana, hated on my dog’s project,” Ross rapped, highlighting his disappointment in Drake’s actions.