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Amber Jones Finally Delivers Debut Single “Blueberries”



Burgeoning singer-songwriter Amber Jones finally releases her debut single, ‘BLUEBERRIES’ via Amber Jones Music. Although this is her first release, she has already worked with a noteworthy name: side-by-side with Scott Welch, a producer and mixing and mastering engineer who has worked with GRAMMY Award-nominated group Tank and the Bangas.

Amber Jones reveals what the track is all about: 

’Blueberries’ was inspired by life choices, life choices that I haven’t necessarily been proud of. Life choices that I paid emotional consequences for. But it is these choices that have led to not only maturity but a more straightedge lifestyle.”

Originally from Connecticut, USA, Amber Jones is an emerging artist based in LA. Upon graduating high school, she took the practical route and attended college to become a nurse. Although music was never more than a hobby, a part of her wanted to live in a city where she could advance in the creative realm if she ever decided to pursue music more seriously.


Back then, Amber had no connections in the LA music scene. Until one evening, while struggling to confirm a ride home after a night out, that all changed. Her Uber driver canceled, forcing her and her best friend to book a new ride. During this trip, she played the driver a demo and, impressed by her voice, the driver connected her to someone at Career Artist Management who helped her enter various writing sessions. Since then, she has developed a signature sound, influenced by Sabrina Claudio and Pip Millett, as well as written an EP, which she is ready to release this year.

Torn between social expectations and carving her own way, Amber Jones has said “why not?” and took the leap. With a captivating story, this nurse/singer imbues her music with her unique history. So get familiar ad stream “Blueberries” now on your preferred DSP.

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