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Law Reveals A New Single Two Pack “Switch Up” And Buss It Down”



The queen of Vent and New Jersey singer Law has seen quite the rise recently. Co-signs by Hot 97, MTV, E News, Flaunt Magazine, IHeart, and more have put the passionate singer into the category of up next music artists set to reach stardom. In the meantime to quell fan concerns for new music Law reveals “Switch Up” and “Buss It Down.”

“Switch Up” is more of a swan song to fans of artists such as Rihanna and Victoria Monet which is a blend of emotional topics but presented in a more pop ambiance. However what makes it stick is the fact that it is written in a manner that fans of more personal ballads due to the similarities in the song being written in the subject style of singers such as Monica, Keyshia Cole, and Summer Walker.

The video shot by Wave Change directed by Corey Hallam and Deja Monique features Law and fellow artist Cruch Calhoun where the two play a couple going through arguments relating to the subject matter of the single. The single follows Law’s recent club song offering “Buss It Down.” 

Collaborating with Philadelphia artists Syheem and Sybree Williams-Rockeymore, also known as 5Star, Law adds her own take on the eccentric world of Jersey Club music. 5Star has made waves with their breakout single, “Cmonnn,” featuring Lay Bankz. This infectious track has garnered over 1 million remakes on TikTok, 13 million views on YouTube, and 13 million plays on Spotify, solidifying their status as rising stars.

Source: Sloppy Vinyl, Richard Zeller, and Mike The Jamaican.

Watch both videos below.