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Review: Summer Walker ‘CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE – EP’




Real men listen to Summer Walker so you know I had to check out her latest release ‘CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE – EP’ which is a love letter to not only music fans but women who are dealing with life worldwide. Walker’s follow to her 2019 release ‘CLEAR,’ showcases her continuing growing mindset as she embraces motherhood. Speaking of love letters, J. Cole starts of the EP with probably the best rap verse I have heard this year and best intro on ‘To Summer, From Cole (Audio Hug).’

The transition to that heartwarming contemporary R&B and rap ballad to a more soulful, Neo-soul centric single “Hardlife” is a chefs kiss to music enthusiasts. It also sets the tone for the EP overall. To put it simply, Summer’s latest efforts is perfect pour a glass of wine and relax on a Sunday type of music. Some of my other favorite tracks from the near perfect masterpiece include “How Does It Feel,” “Set Up (2017),” and “Agayu’s Revelation.” My only gripe with this project is that Childish Gambino feels a bit out of place but he is a great artist so I’m not too disappointed with a average feature.

Overall, ‘CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE – EP’ gets a solid 9 out of 10 stars. I love when Summer Walker is comfortable with her song writing and this EP is pure musical bliss that shows it!