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G. Finesse Releases Single “We Gon’ Make It”




G. Finesse continues the rollout of his upcoming debut album with yet another uplifting, soul-rejuvenating single.

On the heels of his “Keep The Fame” collaboration featuring vocalist Kim Dawson, the Denver-based MC uses his lyrical gifts to motivate his listeners with his inspiring new effort “We Gon’ Make it.” 

Compounding on the rich and luxurious, instrument-driven sonic theme of his previous release, G. Finesse unleashes a new batch of vocal frequencies and melodies on the Jay.Greens and Josh Fairman-produced track.

“And even if the wheels on the ride gettin’ loose/we gon’ make it yea, yea, yea/no matter if it’s hard times baby push through,”

Sticking to the same musically triumphant frequency he previously tapped into on “Keep The Fame,” G. Finesse has assembled an All-Star cast of producers and musicians for “We Gon’ Make It.” In addition to drums by Isaac Teel, the standout record includes keys from Borahm Lee, backup vocals from Kim Dawson, and music from G. Finesse’s longtime collaborator and guitarist Brian Harrington.

The combination of the warmth from the sonics of a big band production and G. Finesse’s radiant lyricism affords the track a musical identity unique to his repertoire. Considering G. Finesse is all too familiar with jamming out with his band Black Eagle, who grew a large following in his native city of Columbus, releases such as “We Gon’ Make It,” capture the full essence of his blues-driven, boom-bap Hip Hop aura as he thrives in his element. 

Since moving to Denver three years ago, G. Finesse has locked himself into the studio as he and his team further developed and refined his diverse sound and harnessed his creativity. The results of their work lie in G. Finesse’s forthcoming album East Side Pain.

The arrival of the LP serves as G. Finesse’s debut release for Perception Records, the new community-oriented record label in the Denver metro area founded by Jay.Green.

In addition to his recent singles, G. Finesse also joined forces with his Perception Records labelmate Midnight. Blue for his August release entitled “20/20” which appeared on Blue’s nine-track project Breathe.

He also recently delivered his punch-driven boom-bap single “Still Miss you,” along with his rap-heavy visual release “Ya Know,” featuring none other than the illustrious Black Eagle collective.

Stream “We Gon’ make It” below.

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