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Feature: Gene Noble Is The Purist Breed Of Singer!




Smooth falsettos, work with Sting & Usher, and a bevy of excellent music decorates the likes of current R&B star Gene Noble’s resume. He has a one-of-one voice and a distinct personality that separates him from the rest of his colleagues. He has more to it, but this feature is not the point.
Gene should be your favorite singer’s favorite singer, and with my editorial on Mr. Noble, you will understand why. On a cold but beautiful Friday afternoon, I had the privilege to chat with the new R&B sensation who has years of experience, and one quotable stood out to me; it should set the trend for the rest of the feature.

“If it scares you and puts fear into you, do it. You will only grow from it,” Noble said in a manner that the coldest of actors couldn’t even materialize the level of coolness in his voice. Aside from music, Noble should consider a public speaking and motivational career because I felt compelled to be a better man because of those words. All jokes aside, Gene is the type of artist who fears no opportunity that can benefit his career, and one of the things is touring.

96% of artists have never experienced a legitimate tour in their lives, and Gene Noble coming off an excellent international tour with the iconic Sting has some pointers to share. First is the ability to pace yourself and ensure your voice can withstand the stress that daily performance can have on your body. While you might want to give all your effort into every show, you got to understand that to be ready for the next stop, and sometimes you might want to sing softer but more direct to keep the same effort level consistent throughout the tour. Also, certain things like working out, proper rest, and time management help with being cohesive with the schedule of shows.

Second, understanding that you need a certain level of comfort in not only yourself but also public performance and patience that it will grow. Noble’s fear quote speaks to this testament because all artists have to start somewhere, and that place is not always set in stone. A good example is the rap superstar Lil Baby. If you believe it or not, his first performance was only in front of ten people, and today he sells out arenas with Chris Brown. The smaller shows help build self-confidence and the ability to cater your performances to a more interpersonal setting, so when you get more significant opportunities, you’re prepped for the moment.

Finally, just be yourself and let the world hear your art by living through your performance. The keys to good performance and execution are all mindsets of Gene Noble, who executes everything well. Gene is a master of reflective experience, and sharing that with millions of people is second nature to the crooner.
If you missed the entertainment that is Gene singing live, you could experience him through his upcoming project release, which is all him and his magical voice early next year. Also, he just dropped a new single titled “whatever it is,” which also comes with a powerful visual that captures a few of his tour stops overseas. The cities include Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Hamburg.

“I’ve been touring the entire year, which means most of my time has been spent in other countries by myself. So the visual depicts me as an observer of love in many forms. Looking for that connection, whatever that connection is.”

Gene Noble

Overall is is one of one and you should add some good music to your daily rotations by making sure you play Gene Noble daily.