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Kendrick Lamar Has A Creative Take On Therapy With “Count Me Out” Visual




I love when you “Count Me Out,” one of the catchy lines of Kendrick’s hit single “Count Me Out” from his critically acclaimed album that broke his hiatus earlier this year ‘Mr. Moral & The Big Steppers.’ A big theme and emphasis throughout the LP was that everyone needs to face their demons and embrace the concept of seeking help. A form of such help is therapy which is showcased with the new music video for “Count Me Out.”

The visual stars Helen Mirren, who plays the rapper’s therapist, is also co-directed by Lamar and Dave Free. In words of a creative, Kendrick nails the concept of self actualization and “looking in the mirror” from the jump. A conversation between Helen and Kendrick perfectly seaways into the music portion of the video.

A dope two screen take really puts a emphasis on Kendrick venting to Helen his inner doubts and what he is going through. Stunning set pieces bring a somber single to life. To be honest I wish this video dropped along with the album so it can be under award consideration because it’s my favorite music video this year.

I care too much, wanna share too much

In my head too much, I shut down too

I ain’t there too much, I’m a complex soul

They layered me up, then broke me down

And moralities dust, I lack in trust (and I’m trippin’ and fallin’)

This time around, I trust myself

Please everybody else but myself

All else fails, I was myself

Out done fear, out done myself

This year, you better one yourself (and I’m trippin’ and fallin’)

Masks on the babies, mask on an opp

Wear masks in the neighborhood stores you shot

But a mask won’t hide who you are inside

Look around, the realities carved in the lies

Wipe my ego, dodge my pride (and I’m trippin’ and fallin’)

Look myself in the mirror

Amityville, I ain’t seen nothin’ scarier

Count Me Out – Kendrick Lamar via Genius