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Feature: Kenyon Dixon Got More Soul And Savvy Than Your Usual Singer




A heavy Marvin Gaye influence, a voice & style similar to that of Musiq Soulchild mixed with a dash of Luther Vandross, and a mind that oozes with intelligence, seeing and speaking with Kenyon Dixon a couple of times really painted a picture of the type of man he was in my mind. Sure he has penned some of the greatest songs in modern music, and his co-signs from Brandy, Jermaine Dupri, and Timbaland speak to her talents, but that’s not what defines Kenyon Dixon as a bonified R&B powerhouse. For everyone’s information, he boxes and workouts as a pastime, so add him to the list of R&B artists who can fight to make the best music because all that passion leads to hit records.

Anyways, the release of ‘Closer’ earlier this year and the deluxe version in early November really set the stage for Dixon to continue blossoming into one of the world’s best singers. No longer just the background to artists such as Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland, Kirk Franklin, etc… but an artist that stands on his own two feet, Kenyon Dixon has arrived. I can’t only imagine how frustrating it has to be internally for an artist with Kenyon’s talented to consistently have to name-drop throughout the years just for people to recognize who he is, so I’m glad about the critical acclaim ‘Closer’ is garnering people can finally see Dixon’s full talents on display.

From the odes to classic R&B and soul singers to the overall diversity, both versions of ‘Closer’ is astounding, to say the least. For me, it deserves a GRAMMY nomination, but we can have the discussion another day. Anyways from my point of view and a little bit from the LA native, ‘Closer’ not only channels Dixon’s talents but also the hunger for him to be at the forefront of his own project, his work of art. It’s refreshing to hear an artist with such grace and decorum about being able to wait for his turn to deliver. When his turn came, he really did deliver. His 2021 EP, ‘Expectations,’ gave listeners a nice preview of the seemingly flawless year of music from Kenyon 2022 presented. Shoot if we are really speaking from a day one perspective then his 2015 release ‘Higher Ground’ which features some dope collaborations from a fellow budding R&B star Alex Isley should really help paint a picture.

The thing about my personal view of his 2022 is that I’m not just saying this out of just listening to his music or being able to interview him on the phone but actually being a witness to one of his public speaking engagements at ‘The Digilouge Day’ in New York City a few months back. Few artists came across as transparent, open to trying new things, and well-spoken as Kenyon Dixon. From his willingness to embrace the unique culture of R&B to tips on how to prosper in the music business was really refreshing to bear witness to. His personal view on R&B, “the type of music an artist curate tends to come from the experiences and current environment the musician is currently in,” can apply to the mindset he had that day delivering that message.

Smooth, charismatic, talented, and with a hell of a voice that blends in well with a GRAMMY award-winning pen, Kenyon Dixon is one of one. Being an industry veteran in multiple ways cultivated a sharper and more surreal mindset, allowing Dixon to communicate in a manner that is digestible to audiences of any age bracket and demographic. Please tune into his tremendous voice.