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Feature: E The Profit Is On The Come Up And Here’s Why!



e, profit

Kentucky native E The Profit has had a major year overall with multiple successful releases, a XXL cover recommendation, and multiple other occurrences that has put E on the map as a artist to lookout for going forward. For me personally his versatility and a to curate nice sounding music is the reason for his success so far.

He’s like a nice mixture of Tyler, The Creator, A$ap Rocky, Playboi Carti, and some of the budding musical scene of Kentucky razzle dazzle all into one distinct musical package. Plus he has the backing of my boy Mark aka Seth Rogan so he’s a winner in my book. Recently I got to chat with him a bit via zoom call with E and it went pretty fruitful.

Aside from the music he is a jovial creative mind who loves to partake in the more refined things in life such as skateboarding and enjoying the presence of gorgeous women in nice environments. E The Profit is more than just an artist, he is a down to earth type of guy and needs to be treated as such.

Coming from Kentucky E developed not only a keen sense of work ethic but also eye for curating quality musical releases that end up better than his last release. He is his own competition but coming from a region where the music scene is only start to blossom within the previous five years really adds fuel to the fire that motivates E to consistently improve. He wants to be better than he was yesterday and this is applied to the music he makes.

His sound is influenced by all walks of life and stemming from Kentucky roots this holds true for all of the music he has released this year. E might be a jack of all sounds but each sound is refined and keyed to a point that it’s more than underground, it’s mainstream quality. He needs more eyes on him and is definitely a must add to your music rotation.

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