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Passhon Gets Passionate With “Shoot The Club Up” (STCU) And ‘Gmb Season’




Deriving her artist name from the word ‘passion’ meaning a “strong and barely controllable emotion,” Passhon also had a deep rooted passion for music. After recording her first song, Passhon has been on a roll ever since. Born in Milwaukee and raised in Indiana, music is something Passhon has been passionate about since she was 13 years old. Realizing that music is powerful and that she loves being able to express herself while painting a picture for others to visualize, Passhon’s sound is exciting and metaphorical, making listeners open their ears when they hear her messages of women empowerment and motivation. 

She prides herself on writing all of her music and even engineering her own music sometimes in her home studio when feeling creative and wanting to lay ideas down before going to a major studio to re-record. Laying down ideas is certainly not something new to the innovative, independent artist, since she would write poetry as a teenager until her friends convinced her to come to the studio with them and collaborate on a song. Listening to old school artists such as Jay-Z, Cassidy, and Bennie Segal as well as Young Dolph, Lil Baby and Key Glock for inspiration, she looks to be respected as a musician and paint pictures for people to understand in a magical way. Her goal is to be the best and to achieve Grammys, record deals, fame, fortune, tours, plaques, Billboard charts, film and so much more. 

The road to success hasn’t always been easy and Passhon gets personal about that. The now Atlanta-based rapper faced homeless while putting herself through college to become an accountant before moving to Atlanta to pursue her music career and start a new life after her kids’ father was sentenced to over 120 years in prison. “I stopped doing music and became a missionary and a prayer warrior with hopes that if God saw me living right he’d let my kids father come home so we wouldn’t be repeating the cycle of broken homes. Unfortunately, I learned that you can’t bargain with God & that his plan is his plan. So, I started back rapping after he was sentenced.” She says. 

Recently collaborating with Grammy-Award winning producer Luney Tunez for her current single, “Shoot The Club Up” (STCU). The single has caught traction but has also sparked a controversy about the recent overturn of Roe V. Wade. She also recently released her newest EP, GMB Season, which she says has a provocative and passionate vibe. As of right now she has three mixtapes, ‘Socratic Irony’, ‘Lady of the Streets’, and ‘No Tamin Passhon’, two EP’s, ‘Mind Reactions’, and of course her most recent release, “GMB Season.” 

Currently, she’s working on the new visuals for her newest projects. Compared to artists such as Ommeretta, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Passhon is a force to be reckoned with as her metaphors are outrageous and differentiate her from everyone else in the rap game alongside her drive. 

Check out her latest music video below!

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