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Producer The One AG and Lil Reese drops new album, “Demon Time”



Music Producer The One Ag released a new full-length album titled Demon Time alongside Chicago street legend Lil Reese.  Hailing from Detroit which was his humble beginnings led him to meet Chicago’s rap legend, Lil Reese. The music producer ATG has not only created a track list of explosive good vibes but added a bonus instrumental track. The ATG provided a little treat for his music lovers and possible fans patiently waiting for a beat. With a consistently unique style tinged with avant-garde gothic elements, the elusive producer has built a catalog behind him that speaks for itself. 

Nonetheless, this 11- track album is ATG’s breakthrough moment and will display his musicality and Lil Reese’s bars. With the help of the Chicago culture and the label Kyyba Music, this album will reach the masses and shed light on Lil Reese’s catalog too. Some of The ATG’s inspirations is producer Dre. Dre; he would come to study Dre’s background and let that drive his sound even further– more specifically falling in love with the iconic project, 2001. “Hearing his engineering style– I didn’t know music could sound like that yet,” the producer explains. Revisiting his time creating film scores, The ATG realized he wanted to experiment with composing his own music to fold into his production.

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