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Takeoff Funeral Service To Be Held at State Farm Arena in Atlanta



Takeoff will finally be laid to rest this Friday in his hometown of Atlanta.

Family, friends, and fans are gathering this week to say their farewell to the Migos star after being shot and killed last week in Houston, TX. His funeral, which will take place at State Farm Arena this week will seat at least 20,000 guests and will celebrate his life and legacy on November 11.

Rev. Jesse Curney, III, Senior Pastor of New Mercies Christian Church, will conduct the services, which will begin at 1 p.m. EST and feature the New Mercies choir.

“I plan to remember him as the young man that I saw grow up in the church who loved being with his family, who loved coming to worship,” Curney told V-103. “This was a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew, a cousin–it’s family.”

Takeoff, 28, born Kirshnik Kari Ball was in Houston with fellow group member Quavo attending a private party at 810 Billiards & Bowling when an argument ensued over basketball before gunfire opened and Takeoff was hit, taking his life. According to reports, he was shot in the head and torso and was pronounced dead on the scene by the time law enforcement arrived. During the incident, two others were also injured including Quavo’s assistant and unidentified female.

Many celebrities and peers showed their support for the fallen star, including Drake in the wake of his passing.


“I’m sure people know how we started, of course, with ‘Versace,’” recalled Drake. “And from there we formed a brotherhood. I always talk about the fact that this is one family. My friends in the music industry are not friends, they’re family. So, our deepest condolences, tragic loss for all of us and a dark cloud over this business that we love so much.”

Following the news of Takeoff’s passing, Houston’s own J Prince’s son Jas Prince Jr. got thrown into the mix alluding that he had some form of involvement in the rapper’s untimely death after allegedly getting into an argument with Quavo the night the incident occurred. Photos and videos from the evening captures J Prince Jr. on the scene, and some fans even gathered that he walked right passed Takeoff’s lifeless body after the shooting took place. His father has since addressed the rumors in a lengthy Instagram post shortly after.

J Prince went on record making it clear that he wants to hold whoever is accountable to come forward.

I consider myself a man that’s quick to listen and slow to speak, therefore to whomever is responsible for putting that bullet in my little nephews head, let it be known that you can’t hide behind me, beside me or anywhere near me because I don’t tolerate dumb shit. I speak these words not knowing whos bullet is responsible for his death.