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Trapland Pat Releases New Single “Z-Land”




 Trapland Pat shares his new video single, “Z-Land.” Earning its title from the Haitian-American slang term of endearment, “zoe,” which originates from Miami’s Little Haiti and its immigrant community’s fight against their oppressors, “Z-Land” paints a raw portrait of Pat’s native streets in vibrant hues. Over laid-back production bolstered by a groovy, G-Funk-esque bassline, Pat recounts his hustle with a buoyant flow.

Directed by Pat’s frequent collaborator ShotByJolo, the video for “Z-Land” captures the candid coolness with which Pat spins tales of the city’s crime underbelly, setting the scene with the song’s opening line: “Mafia ties, I got Z’s on demand.” Dressed in all black, Pat stylishly lives the life of a Don, riding around in a vintage Bentley with a mob of masked associates and cleaning up at the poker table.

Source: Audible Treats