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Artist Christian LaNeve Drops “Alone In First Class” Project



Christian LaNeve 10- track project is a combination of his truth about 2020-2022 his thoughts a mature teen which motivates the youth through his sultry project. His album “Alone In First Class” was released on October 13th introducing his project to the mainstream market. Christian LaNeve understands the power of music better than most. At 18, Christian has experienced more pain than many twice his age. He’s faced loss and rejection and battled with depression and anxiety which he now knows how to work through. Despite these challenges, music helped keep him going because it reminded him that everything gets better eventually. Now, Christian is using his music to help others through their journey and help them feel less alone.

For him, music is not just about creating perfect rhymes and rhythms; it’s also about touching hearts and minds. It’s about ensuring people have something to turn to even when everything in their life is falling apart.