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Feature: The DCG Brothers Might Be The Best New Duo Out!




DCG Bsavv And DCG Shun are the Wayans Brothers of Chicago Drill; both of these young men love to have fun and, at the same time, can actively push their budding musical careers. With a unique technique that blends in your typical modern Chicago hip-hop tropes along with some classic Three Six Mafia cadences and elasticity to procure their distinct sound.

For some brief background on the two for readers, DCG Shun and DCG BSavv may seem like newcomers in the rap game; they’ve been perfecting their craft for years. Bsavv started rapping when he was eight years old–around the time of Chicago’s world-changing drill boom–inspiring his brother Shun to learn to spit and establishing a symbiotic artistic relationship that has lasted over a decade.

Racking up YouTube videos by the million before Shun could legally drive, the duo became known around Chicago for their irrepressible personalities, drawing the attention of prolific music video collective No More Heroes, who paired their boisterous bars with eye-popping visuals to match. The duo earned acclaim from national media, including Pitchfork. Earlier this year, they released ‘Jungle Life,’ a 14-track mixtape that established the pair as one of the most exciting acts in their hometown. Home to the hit single “Stomp,” featuring fellow Chicago rapper G Herbo.

The two are among some of my favorites in the new generation of hip-hop artists, and they were a joy to speak with via phone for this feature. One thing that stands out between the two is the transparency of their words and the unique sense of humor they share, which was heavily influenced by sitcoms such as Martin. They’re not scared to be themselves and are role models new-era music artists can study to help them become more approachable to the everyday audio consumer. While the music is good in the era, you need a vibrant personality trait to stand out, and the two got that in abundance.

Growing up in a rough environment can do two things, make you sink or bring the best out of you. For the DCG Brothers, it brought out the best of them, and again I go back to tier fantastic sense of humor. Who says gangsters can’t be hilarious? It doesn’t make you less of a man; for these two, it makes them more of one than most. Like a frequent collaborator of the two, G Herbo, you can still hold respect while being an outgoing personality. Music and laughter keep the DCG Brothers pushing towards eventual global stardom.

I was curious to find out how can these two dope young black men come from such a harsh environment but had such opening guile to them. In videos for “Mmhmm” and “Okay Remix,” the two showcased humorous skits and banter, which I can really see position the two a more comedic movie role route in the style of a Method Man & Redman or The Wayans Brothers. Below is an interesting quote I got from the two regarding this manner.

See at the end of the day life is already hard so when you can find an outlet to overcome some of your traumas as we did such as music it makes it easier to deal with. We infused our distinct style of humor in it to showcase that one, we can be more than just Chicago but global. Two, that men from the trenches can be more than just “tough guys.” Don’t get it wrong come for us we got you but life is already too hard for that, we rather laugh.

The DCG Brothers

To put it simply their music is really good and their great souls make their rise to superstardom much easier to vision in the next few years. They’re easy to root for and the music is great so please check them out. Also, they need to drop more music with PGF Nuk asap but they make magic together! For now check out below some of my favorite picks from the duo.

Photo Credit – Audible Treats

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