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DVSN Unleashes Their New LP ‘Working On My Karma’



The OVO Sound Duo DVSN has released their new full-length project, ‘Working On My Karma.’ Amid a string of heartfelt single releases, DVSN is here to prove that R&B is, in fact, not dead. DVSN has teamed up with R&B pioneers Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael-Cox, Manuel Sea, and Sean Garrett to help produce the album. Jermaine Dupri serves as the Executive Producer of the project. The album includes features from Yung Bleu and Jagged Edge.

There have been many Twitter debates on the state of R&B today. On July 22, 2022, DVSN dropped their controversial single “If I Get Caught,” sparking a discussion around the subject matter in today’s R&B music. Many people believe today’s R&B music, especially from the male artist, lacks the conviction and vulnerability that the classics from the 90s- early 2000s brought. Whether crooning for your lover to take you back like Ray’s J “One Wish” or exposing your infidelities like Usher’s “Confessions,” fans have been missing raw emotions.

However, the follow-up single “What’s Up” ft Jagged Edge shows that DVSN is showcasing different stages of a relationship, bringing the nostalgia of passion from their R&B predecessors such as Jagged Edge.

The album showcases the vulnerability and raw emotions that true R&B reveals while still reflecting modern relationships.DVSN is creating a lane of their own through this project, cementing that R&B is being reinvented.

Stream the album on all platforms now.