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Elquan Readies New Album, ‘Smoke Hoes and Low Lows’



Hailing all the way from Las Vegas, rapper Elquan has been on his musical journey for quite some time. The 36 year old, who was originally born in New York City, later transitioned to Roanoke, Virginia where he spent the majority of childhood before relocating to the West Coast to continue pursuing his dreams. He credits the influence in his music based on the places he’s lived and traveled throughout the years. Elquan invested in his vision and started in very own label So100 Entertainment a few years back and has since released a bulk of music before dropping his last effort, Faraway back in 2020.

At one point, he was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, which he later beat and prompted him to push even harder at his career and goals. He grew tired of working dead end jobs to get by and redirected his focus on his passion. He would later come in contact with DJ Fresh, who he would form a bond with and create music together. Fresh produced his most popular tune to date, “Na-Na,” which has massed nearly 200k streams on Spotify alone. He describes his sound as being authentic and underground and his last project focused solely on family, spirituality, and relationships.

DJ Fresh, who is executive producing his next full-length project, Smoke Hoes and Low Lows will arrive on November 4th and will highlight his city of Las Vegas as well as low riders at car shows, beautiful women and marijuana. Other producers on the project will also include Baylor Beats, Tayville, CMPLX, while guest appearances are from Dizzy Wright and Jay Worthy. “Na-Na” finds him switching up his cadence and rapping in a more fast paced tempo, while the Dizzy Wright-assisted “Reppin” shows dedication to his So100 independent label.

Next year, Elquan plans on taking his talents to SXSW with hopes of performing live for his fans.

Check out some of Elquan’s music below:

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