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Feature: Narsie Of Brooklyn Raps With The Best Of Them




Driving up to New York City during fashion week, I had the pleasure of speaking to the budding Carnarsie emcee Narsie who can rap with the likes of emcees such as Benny The Butcher, Stove God Cooks, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole but has his own twist to it. Diddy said the New York music scene is dead, but artists such as Narsie in the mix cooking up fire in the studio, like Michael Irvin on the weekend with two women, tell a different narrative. With an upbringing in reggae music and roots also in the Carolinas, Narsie was destined to be musically inclined his whole life, which led to a fresh take on the classic hip-hop roots.

While we both love artists like Freddie Gibbs and Joey Bada$$, they don’t have the women-friendly music that makes them superstars like Jay Z, Kendrick, Drake, J. Cole, etc… An artist like Narsie wants to be around for a long time but not just heralded as an underground legend. He wants the total prize as one of the best rappers to get raised from the legendary Brooklyn borough. To put it simply, he has a sound that doesn’t scare the hoes, which leads to a more radio-friendly sound from Narsie that still maintains the wordplay and versatility that we both love from our favorite hip-hop tracks.

What can help push Narsie in that direction is his personality. The Canarsie stan is a laidback person with a good sense of humor and an unmatched work ethic. While most new artists I encounter seem stagnant because their team tends to want success for them more than themselves, Narsie wants success for himself, his manager John, and his whole family. Especially with the public perception that most new-era New York artists lazily follow trends such as overly sampled drill music with lackluster lyrics to monopolize the music, Narcisse keeps his musical integrity but induces quality into his craft which will keep him around for a while.

Music for Narsie is like therapy and an outlet for everything in his life. It is not just a quick come-up but is deeply embedded into his heart and soul. It’s no gimmicks to Narsie, just good music, incredible talent, impeccable work ethic, and an infectious soul, which keeps him on the scene as an artist to watch from New York City. Check out some of his music below and get on the wave before it’s too late!

Never scare the hoes, ever.

President Narsie of the borough Brooklyn located in New York City.