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Young Dirty Bastard Drops “BarSun” Music Video and Talks New LP “Brooklyn’s My Blood Type”



Young Dirty Bastard is not only a prodigy of a mega hip-hop icon “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” but an artist who has publicly evolved into his own artist.

Young Dirty Bastard, a recording hip-hop artist, is building an empire while expanding on the legacy of Wu-Tang member Ol’, Dirty Bastard. Young Dirty Bastard (YDB), Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s eldest child, is RZA’s nephew and GZA’s cousin who is constantly influenced and inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan and could often be found in their presence.

Being so intimately connected to the infamous Wu-Tang family would single-handedly propel him to mainstream audiences, right? Well, not necessarily. He’s been putting in some serious work and is destined to fill the shoes his legendary father left behind.

Fresh off his performance live on stage with Mariah Carey, Latto, and the Fantasy remix, Young Dirty Bastard, a previous 25-city tour called “N.Y. State of Mind,” which featured Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, and Nas, among others. The tour will conclude on October 4th at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl.

Next on the docket for YDB released his first single, “BarSun,” which dropped on September 23rd, 2022, from his upcoming album “Brooklyn’s My Blood Type,” releasing 2/22/23. Both songs will surely be a hit with listeners thanks to their captivating sounds and intoxicating lyrics.

His past music experience includes hypnotic live performances with Wu-Tang Clan, as well as performances of his infectious tracks from his previous mixtape. Ghostface Killah and Wiz Khalifa have collaborated with YDB on the soundtrack to “The Man with the Iron Fists.”

With a relatively small fanbase, it might be hard to believe Young Dirty Bastard has collaborated with numerous heavy hitters, as mentioned earlier. 

Somewhat inexplicably, he remains a criminally underappreciated rapper. His sound is far above the following the rapper has attained, partly due to an underdeveloped discography. For instance, he has only three tracks on Spotify under his discography. Two are original singles, with the third being a remix. The rest of his Spotify streams come from his numerous contributions and collaborations with other artists’ discographies, albums, soundtracks, and singles. Unfortunately, many of these works do not grant due recognition for YDB.

Only once “BarSun” and his first full LP have been released in early 2023 will we see the payoff of his recent music collaborations. Working with Nas, Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey, and other prevalent artists should profoundly impact his career in a few short months, but it’s time to tell.

He is passionate about New York and uses artful lyrical tease to let listeners know his love for the streets. Young Dirty Bastard’s music motivates everyone to adopt a New York mindset and enjoy the magnetism of his beats and lyrics. His tracks hit different, drawing people in with rhythms that will make every eardrum itch for more.

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