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R&B Artists Who Look Like They Can Fight, The Playlist



They sing so soft but swing so hard, some of our favorite crooners of all time pack a more powerful punch than Mike Tyson in his prime. Do might sing about making love or bringing their lover roses but one wrong word and it’s roses on your tombstone from these particular artists.

The rougher the personality the more well rounded and beautiful the music might be so without further ado here are some of our picks for R&B artists who look like they can fight. FYI, this post is inspired by RNBRadar.

Keith Sweat – “How Deep Is Your Love” (Glock and her panties music)

Jaheim – “Put The Woman First” (Probation and parole music)

Jazmine Sullivan “Holding You Down” (My good sis is might have be one of the best singers ever but can can also knock you out if you play her music)

Kashif – “Are You That Woman” (He looks like a cartel leader music)

Solange – “Cranes In The Sky” (She hits sultry notes and faces in elevators music)

Chris Brown – “Take You Down” (Haymaker to your boyfriend’s face and take his girl music)

Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Someobdy” (Rest in peace Nippy!)

Keyshia Cole – “Love” (We hope she gets her heartbroken again cause it’s always classic music)

Monica – “Don’t Take It Personal” (I shoot dice and run parlays to Goonica music)

Jagged Edge “Where The Party At” (Singer off the block music)

Fantasia – “When I See U” (This spin the block music)

Dru Hill – “Beauty” (Dirty timbs and roses to the bougie chicks music)

Anthony Hamilton – “Comin Where I’m From” (Fish plate and ginger ale on a summer day on the block music)

Ty Dolla $ign – “Purple Emoji” (He look like he orders its while making classic hooks from that keyboard music)

Slim – “So Fly” (He look like the club promoter who smuggles on the side music)

Avant – “Separated” (White tees and reminiscing a long night of turning up music)

The Isley Brothers – “Between The Sheets” (Ron and the boys had high heels, glocks, cocaine, and canes beating people up while serrating your woman music)

Marvin Gaye – “Sexual Healing” (My Washington D.C. brother was hitting licks and your chicks music)

Mario – “How Do I Breathe” (He’s from Baltimore, he had to doge bullets growing up music)

Mary J. Blige – “Be Without You” (She got a switchblade in her boots music)

Jamie Foxx – “Fall For Your Type” (He has 30 snow bunnies and a fifth of Dusse music)

SiR – “Satisfaction” (He looks like he boxes and do push ups on the curbs while hitting high notes music)

Lucky Daye – “Used To Be” (He had sex with a random woman in Ne-Yo bed and Ne-Yo ain’t check him music)

Ro James – “Green Light” (He resembles Marvin Gaye in the face music)

Tank – “When We” (He looks his strong ass would grab a cigar, light it, and mush it on your forehead if you piss him off music)

Jill Scott – “A Long Walk” (A long walk past the park with a glass of wine in one hand and a switchblade in the other music)

Giveon – “All To Me” (That Resident Evil soundtrack ass music)

Summer Walker “Come Thru” (She might have social anxiety but she would whup your butt in a social setting music)