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Ksenia Sends Us “Good News Only” With Her Latest Dance Floor-Ready Pop Bop



Music act Ksenia’s latest single, “Good News Only,” is a positive and vibrant anthem. Ksenia creates a genuine song that is equally as uplifting and motivational as it is inspiring, with an upbeat tempo, dance floor-ready music, and ideal club sing-along lyrics with production driven by Mario Marchetti.

On “Good News Only,” crisp percussion, rhythmic guitar riffs, and seductive synthesizer melodies all blend together. The corresponding music video is opulent, stylish, lighthearted, and cinematic, making it the ideal complement to a song that evokes just as many feelings while still sounding positive and joyful. The autumnal anthem and adrenaline rush that is Ksenia’s “Good News Only” is ideal for everyone passionate about claiming their freedom.

The music video for “Good News Only” was produced by Ksenia and Oleg Zayanov and shot on a Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6kpro with Soviet lenses, which recreated a vintage Hollywood look. The video features models Nicole Carmela and Nova Chez.

Speaking about the single, Ksenia says: “‘Good News Only’” was inspired by not having any positive news for two and a half years. I remember switching off my TV and beginning to filter my thoughts and what I paid attention to. The single is centered around empowering myself and feeling self-sufficient, doing away with toxic people and thoughts or whatever threatens my peace and paying attention to good news only”.