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Who Is Sasha Melo?



Sasha Melo at Silvana in Harlem

Lionhearted Brooklyn artist, Sasha Melo, is getting ready to drop more music this month but who is Sasha Melo? This 27 year old is a hard working, up and coming artist, performer, and creative, proving that consistency is a major key to success. 

Since the tender age of 6, Melo wanted to be a rapper. Growing up she found herself doing covers and remixes to old songs until she was able to create her own.

Some of the key people in her life that helped her on her way, would be her Uncle Spag Lo, fellow artist and cousin Worldwiide, as well as Jones with Grind and Starve showcases. Melo was choked up at her first release party for her EP, For The Summer, the previous year, talking about how much Jones meant to her and how his passing affected her. Melo is no stranger to struggle and hardship, which has added to her hunger and passion for achieving success in her career.

She released “Rolling” this past summer and is expected to premiere its visuals late October after a special performance at the legendary SOBs Oct 17th (Click here for tickets to the show). Melo has performed all over, in and out of New York City, with many festivals including Traffic Jam on The Belt, Major Stage, Rel Carter Stage, Culture Weekend in LA and more. Each of her performances, more “vibey” and exhilarating than the last! 

Not many artists can say they’ve had their records played on the radio or playlisted, but Melo formed great connections and did just that. She has a distribution deal with EQ Distro and a bond with Rel Carter that assisted in her getting her song, “Go Again” placed on the Women of Hip Hop playlist on Tidal. Hot 97’s own DJ Drewski is accustomed to breaking new artists and broke both “Choosy” and “Lionheart”, singles from Melo’s first project on one of the biggest radio stations in the world. Drewski also hosted Melo’s release party last year setting the tone for every release going forward!

DJ Drewski, a Jersey native, is one of the key DJs helping and supporting a lot of up and coming artists in the tri-state area. With his platform on late night radio and The Mvmt, DJ Drewski has worked with or helped push artists like Mr. Chicken, Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, Dream Doll, Molly Brazy, Rubi Rose, Rah Swish, and Ron Suno. Summer Jam 2022, Drewski curated the festival stage and had huge viral moments with artists like Cardi B, Dougie B, Yung Bleu and more.  

Melo is currently working on her 2nd studio project, (title to be announced), which will be gifted to her fans this Winter, just in time for the new year. Her songs sound like soundtracks for a movie and it is the soundtrack to her journey as an artist. To follow Melo and see where her journey takes her, click here!

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