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Karter K Directs The Industry Through His Lens



Throughout the recent years, Karter K has evolved into one of the most undeniable figures within director circles thanks to over a dozen of visuals and collaborations that have catered to all audiences. If you’ve been following the rapid rise of some of today’s hottest artists and brands, then you’ve probably seen a visual directed by Texas’ very own!

In fact, you may have seen some of his work on projects with Diddy for Ciroc and collaborations with the Exotic Pop creators to name a few. Karter K is the man and brains behind the content, whether it’s for some of the world’s biggest brands or today’s trendiest talent.

The Houston-born video director has been booked and busy since his debut in the industry, even after the pandemic. Karter has amassed an impressive list of collaborators by working with household name brands and heavyweight hitmakers. Be sure to keep your eye out on what’s next for Karter K! 


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