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Feature: HD4President Is A Man Of Good Vibes, Impactful Music, And A Healthy Lifestyle, Here’s Why!




Find out more about the president of Louisiana HD4President here!

Louisiana native and appreciator of the woman’s posterior HD4President spoke with me lately, which I must say provided many laughs along with insight on why he has consistently been a force in southern rap throughout the years. With the release of his latest single, “Big Booty,” HD is optimistic as ever and is just lit off life. With a more rambunctious choice of song, I figured he would have some strand of favorite weed or alcohol, but he’s actually found his turn up in the studio.

“Big Booty” can be seen as more than just a simple turn-up track or a party track for women to “throw a**” to at a party but a celebration of life as we are towards the end of a multi-year pandemic. People want to go out and catch up on time missed out while HD is providing the vibes for the special occasion. Now for a few names, we can dedicate such as track to involve the likes of beautiful women such as Bria Myles, Chloe, SZA, Mary J Blige, Beyoncé, Jayda Wayda, Taraji P Henson, Cardi B, Rihanna, Coco Jones, and more ladies of such quality taste. Just know the HD made this for you to enjoy your life too!

Early morning sessions, creating relatable music for fans to enjoy from his life experiences, and good water are what he informed me is what helped inspire the essence of his music. To be honest, I support a fellow brother who finds peace in passion and sobriety, so it’s encouraging to find a music artist of this lifestyle, especially when we both agreed that the industry is too saturated with extreme drug abuse. It made our conversation much more filled with excellent and insightful talk that flowed almost perfectly. I think these conversations are more important to have because from what I notice and discussions is that artists who take care of their bodies tend to have not only the best performances but the longest of careers. At HD’s age, to be excited to be up early to record music is impressive, and I fully support it.

If Jadakiss, Method Man, and Redman are healthy lifestyle promoters to New York, then why can HD4President be a leader of an active lifestyle for emcees from the deep south? Just food for thought.

With that in mind, it’s only the tip of the iceberg of insight I got from his mind. The main key point I got out of our interview was his love and appreciation for his fellow Louisiana emcees, such as Kevin Gates, whom he has helped within his career and been helped by, working on upcoming music with the iconic Curren$y, having a dope friendship with Boosie, both of us giving Lil Wayne his flowers for his 40th, and his love for the younger generation of the states budding stars such as the recording breaking Youngboy Never Broke Again; this guy HD4President while I was joking with him that I was speaking to our next president he seriously can be considered the forefront champion of the underground and the mainstream environment of his home state. He embodies the diverse music and purity of the hospitality Louisiana brings.

Overall, HD4President needs more attention brought to his name because not only his judicial hood but his mind is full of wisdom, and his soul is amazing. Also, he gets cool points for his posters of the legendary Tupac Shakur and Kobe Bean Bryant, two figures who I love deeply. I see a bit of their spirit in HD, and you should as well if you’re reading this. His latest single, “Big Booty,” is out on all DSPs. Our Zoom call footage will be out soon. Another single that was previously release that boosts the energy smoothly is “Rollin” which is on fun time to listen to anywhere. Both are below to check out.

Images credit: Motown Records/Antoine Francois