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Anti Da Menace Releases Mixtape ‘Legendary’



Anti Da Menace is a part of the new Atlanta, plain and simple. His raw authenticity is noted by the people and that’s why they gravitate toward his talents. ‘Legendary’ is a culmination of all the hard work thus far and another notch in the belt for this soon-to-be star. In sixteen cuts we hear waves that will have the world paying attention. The variety of production never intimidates Anti, instead they push him to speak his story from another auditory scene. 

With some stellar features from Bic Fizzle, Lil Monte and Wee2hard, there isn’t much that’s needed to fill in the gaps on this project. It’s more of a fluid opus that flows effortlessly into the rest. With each passing song, you hear a vivid chapter from Anti’s story shedding light on honest emotions.

Rugged introspection is a great way to define this mixtape, but Anti isn’t worried about the critiques or the categorizations. He just wants to connect with the people and this one does just that.

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