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Pardyalone Releases Single “A Place For Us”




“A Place For Us” is yet another incredibly intimate cut for his fans to enjoy.

Pardyalone is one of those few acts who is genuinely progressing and developing this early in his career. The ascension has been incredible already, but he’s not even close to breaking the surface of his real potential.

The video is something special as well. This young man does a great job of being transparent with his emotion; you can feel that through the screen. His heartbreak seems to be the moving reality his fans connect with and almost fiend for.

The authenticity makes you feel for him and his pain, but it shows a particular strength most don’t possess to be this open. The emotions of the song pair so well with the shots of the video, and the direction by Chris Vergara is astounding, genuinely rounding out how special of a moment this is.

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