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Tory Lanez Dropped From The Fall Back In Love Comedy And Music Tour Amid Assault Allegations



As if things couldn’t get any worse for artist Tory Lanez it seems his alleged stunt cost him a bag already.

On Monday, September 19, comedian and creator of the Fall Back In Love Tour, Rip Micheals, confirmed August’s claims that Tory assaulted him after the Chicago show. He told TMZ that the tour had decided not to continue with Tory Lanez.

At this moment, we would have to proceed without [Tory] because we want to make sure that every person in that audience has a great time and a great feeling, and that synergy of each artist enjoying themselves and having a great time is what it’s all about

Rip explained that while “there was no fight,” August was “sucker-punched by Tory Lanez.” The 40-year-old comedian added, “So, that’s pretty much what..yeah..I was there. It was when he was exiting the building. It was just straight, like more of an assault-type thing.”

Although Tory denied the attack, Rip says he was apologetic about the whole thing when they talked. As for August, Rip says he couldn’t perform at the next gig because he had to go to urgent care and get stitches. Now he’s healing well and will make up for the missed show to his fans by giving out free tickets to the next show.