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Ballad Makes Social Media Go Crazy With “Orange,” Here’s Why!



I seen a clip of a guy with a Marvin Gaye rugged beard aesthetic on RNB Radar along with a pirate shirt singing some of the most beautiful high notes of all time and I’m like WOW! HOW IS BALLAD NOT A MAJOR ARIST? Like bruh, working in the music industry full time few artists regardless of status make my jaw drop and Ballad captured my attention fully with his groovy single “Orange” makes me feel like I’m high off fifty shrooms of pure musical nostalgia due to it’s unique cohesiveness.

I’ll be blunt, Ballad is genius and everybody needs to know about it! After i seen the clip of “Orange” I dived into his full catalog of tunes and was amazed. His 2017 EP release ‘Croix’ in particular boast some great song writing. Ballad can do no wrong and below is some background on this budding superstar. Be careful, every listen will put a glass of the finest dark liquor or red wine in your hands out of nowhere!

Born in Luanda, Angola, Ballad now resides in Brockton, Massachusetts. He overcame his shyness due to the huge culture shock after moving to the US from Luanda and used his passion for music to adapt to the culture. Ballad is a stylistic individual whose moody yet uplifting compositions take listeners on a journey of emotions. Ballad pulls his singing and songwriting inspiration from legends such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Usher, and  Marvin Gaye. 

His soprano vocals ooze with passion and a syrupy new-wave finish reminiscent of the great Maxwell, infused with his unique sound. His musical talents arm him with the tools needed to inspire an audience obsessed with feelings and lullaby-like soundscapes, much like current industry favorites The WeekndMiguel, and  Tinashe

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