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Behind The Scenes Look: Meet Khaaliq Thomas, A Multimedia Movie And Shaker



Celebrity photographer and videographer Khaaliq Thomas is taking over the music industry in a major way. Hailing from the historic city of Detroit, Michigan his interest in photography started at the age of 17 while he was in high school. Being inspired by trying to emulate his father who was a photographer at the time, he has now turned his interest into a rewarding passion that has influenced some of the world’s biggest entertainers. 

But his life did not always evolve being behind a camera lens. Before finding mainstream success as a celebrity videographer & photographer, Khaaliq dabbled in modeling but realized that was not his true passion. Finding himself back behind the lens, in 2013 Khaaliq founded his SHUTTER8 brand. To hone in on his craft, In 2015, he attended Oakland Community College in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. This afforded him a certificate in photography in 2017 propelling his passion even further. With a certification and desire to make it big, he began to find success by photographing public figures and local R&B and hip hop artists. Promoting his move to the big apple (New York), the motor city native became the personal photographer for rap duo VIXEVERSA and never looked back. 

Returning to Detroit at the age of 23, Khaaliq was on a mission to stamp his name in history. Broadening his camera skills to include portrait, wedding, commercial, and corporate photography, he landed a contract with CJ Heart Studios in 2019. To take things to the next level, he began shooting popular music videos and commercials that afforded him the opportunity to work with artists from the rap label 4sho Magazine. Together with two friends, he has since then launched ViewersClub, a video production team for which he serves as the producer. When I asked the celebrity shooter what inspired this endeavor he stated, “My younger brother is an aspiring film director,” he explains. “I wanted to learn videography so we can tag along on projects together.” 

Khaaliq shoots only with Nikon cameras and uses different colors, angles, and techniques to make the viewer feel more connected to the images. His hard work reached a height when he photographed Detroit’s WALK Fashion Show and New Amsterdam’s Black Bananas clothing line. As it was featured in Source Magazine, he also became a verified photographer for Roddy Rich. That led to him working on The Antisocial Tour, the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, Hot 97 Powerhouse 2018, Babyface Ray’s FACE album release party, and more. He is currently servicing Detroit, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam markets and is looking to expand. 

To stay up to date with all things Khaaliq Thomas, follow him on social media @shutter.8.