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Nigerian Star Nappy Releases New Single “Knock Shii Up”



Afrobeat and any related music to the genre has been on a roll lately so finding another artist from the motherland that makes great music is always a plus. This time it’s Nigeria’s Nappy that caught my attention. I was YouTubing Burna Boy’s newer music aside from his recent album to procure a recap of his 2022 and discovered Nappy made a track with him titled “Aye” which I wish I discovered sooner because it’s two years old already.

Nappy has the distinct kind of sound that blends in well with most genres while maintaining that Afrobeat “feel” which I love. It’s almost like a fusion of sorts but in a manner that doesn’t feel contrived, it’s fresh. His latest single “Knock Shii Up” is pure quality and I feel like it needs to be heard worldwide ASAP!

The corresponding music video supports the lyrics and Nappy’s viewpoint of loyalty and a lover that supports his choices and lifestyle. The video showcases different aspects of his life in the studio with his lady and friends hanging out with him. Nappy displays a transparent romantic moment as he cherishes his lady love as they hit a smooth night drive.

Source: Playbook MG

Watch the video below.