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Iceman D.B.H. Has NYC Radio Talking With Single “Henny No Chaser”



On a breezy Sunday afternoon I was relaxing and researching newer artists to get into. I turned on Hot 97 on my car radio to discover a smooth new track with new school production and old school hip hop flair by the name of “Henny No Chaser” from Iceman D.B.H.

It’s a nice mix of radio appeal that carries enough nostalgia in single “Henny No Chaser” that caught my attention to cover it. I can see it being a sneaky pick to blow up down the road in the style of “Boo’d Up” by Ella Mai.

Listening to Iceman D.B.H. and researching him a bit I can compare his sound to be akin to the likes of Wu-Tang and Lloyd Banks with a bit more Brooklyn in his delivery which is where he is from. He got myself as a fan now from checking out his library and below you can check our the hype with “Henny No Chaser.”

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