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Mozzy Turns Himself In To Serve One-Year Prison Sentence For Federal Gun Charge



Rapper Mozzy attends 2021 Revolt Summit at 787 Windsor on November 13, 2021

In a blink of an eye life can change drastically. Just last week Mozzy was celebrating his latest release and this week he just turned himself in to federal custody. Mozzy began a year long sentence in connection to charges stemming from a January 2021 traffic stop in Culver City, California, where he was pulled over for violating traffic laws and ultimately had his vehicle searched after cops smelt burnt marijuana.

Officers discovered a Glock 26, 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and a small amount of marijuana, this led to the 35-year-old being taken into custody and later released on $35K bail. The rapper plead guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. In addition to the yearlong sentence, Mozzy paid a $55,000 fine, according to court documents.

Mozzy penned a letter to the judge explaining himself , calling the case a “wake-up call,” and says he’s cleaned up his drug use. To further prove his point of why he carry’s with no permit he shines light on the fact that a lot of Black rappers make headlines for being murdered. “My lawyers also told me there is a recent study that proves the number one cause of death among black rappers is murder (specifically by gunfire).” He says he’s afraid his kids will end up fatherless, and that’s his primary reason for carrying a gun without a permit.

“It is a fear that all black rappers carry with them, all the time. I know that does not legally justify me possessing a firearm. But I took some comfort in the fact that I knew with certainty I was not going to use that gun for illegal purposes. I wanted it solely for self-defense in case of an attack against me or my family.”

“Life comes at you fast. Sometimes shit gets real and you gotta take that deal. It’ll get slimy out here. Appreciate my loved ones. Chin up, chest out. Love you the most,” Mozzy said in a statement released by his team. Best of wishes to Mozzy during this tough time.