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“BILLIE EILISH,” Oklahoma Smokeshows, and K. Michelle Trend This Week On TIkTok




In recent days, fans on TikTok helped elevate a country love song, an R&B tearjerker, and an amped-up rap banger to trending status. Check out the stories behind those songs and more trends that defined this week on TikTok: 

Earlier this week, Ticketmaster announced an integration with TikTok that enables users to discover and purchase tickets to various live events–including concerts, sporting events, and comedy shows–directly from TikTok. Whether you’re an artist, sports team, venue or event organizer looking to create awareness of your events or a fan looking to enrich your content by promoting your favorite shows or match-ups, this new mini-app will allow creators to engage with their audience through a clickable ‘Get Tickets’ call-to-action on your videos. The Ticketmaster integration launches as a limited pilot, offered to a number of creators in the US and Canada. Though only those creators will be able to add links to their videos, the videos and the links will be viewable and clickable by TikTok users across the globe. Stay tuned to see how users utilize the new Ticketmaster integration!

Check TikTok’s newsroom for more noteworthy stories:

Source: Audible Treats