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Owo Is Bringing Afro-Electro-RNB To The Forefront With New Single ”FAM” ft. MannyWellz



Building an organic audience from the likes of her authenticity, rising Atlanta-based artist Owo is bringing her own genre to the limelight, one of which music lovers would classify as unique. Coining it afro-electro-RNB was a perfect idea, and her most recent single and visual release, ”FAM” ft. MANNYWELLZ.

Garnering 15,000 streams within 7 days, Owo’s fanbase is currently expanding step by step, and ”FAM” is the perfect first impression for those new to her discovery process. While fans await new music from Owo, they can enjoy her SEEDs EP from earlier on this year, and also tune into ”FAM” ft. MANNYWELLZ below:

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