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Mandi Glokk and Hunnitband Tee Are True Couple Goals In New Music Video



Mandi Glokk and Hunnitband Tee are making their comeback in a new music video for their debut track “Jugg and Glokk”. The down south rap duo collaborated to bring true swag and luxury visuals with a sultry beat. Mandi Glokk and Hunnitbandtee fans are enticed by the musical chemistry and the natural collaborative TikToks which keeps their fans wanting more. When collaborating as you know there may be creative differences and or clashing however; Mandi Glokk claims it is the opposite for them.

When Hunnitband Tee came back home; this only inspired the couple to bring their talents to the forefront of their love life. Mandi Glokk is no newbie to the music scene in which she worked with rapper “Fetty Wap” on previous singles and had numerous labels interested in signing her. As a woman hailing from Charlotte, NC; Mandi Glokk states there are not many Charlotte female emcees in the spotlight and she and Jug are trying to change that outlook. Both Jugg and Glokk are a new duo rap group bringing you raw street rap and raw unfiltered love and attraction.