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EZ Street Records CEO lands new deal



1. Where are you from ? Who is CEO Pryme?

I was born in Ghana, raised in the Bronx NY; and I am a rap artist and label owner.

2. What inspires you about Hip-Hop how does it keep you going?

It’s part of our culture, our infrastructure, the dope music and artist that came before me, and also I knew I had talent from a very young age.

3. What are your upcoming projects?

A big show in August called CONCEPT. It’s an EZ STREET EVENT. 30k college students. I give the unsigned artists a chance to showcase their talent for free. 

4. What type of music or talent would you be looking for?

I’m into bars, lyricism, and creative music. 

5. What is a major goal of yours?

I’m investing $10,000,000 into Ghana music culture and artists 

6. Where can new artists find you?

@ceo_pryme  @ezstreetrecords