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Guayo1Hunnit Reminisces On Old Love In “De La High”




Seattle-based Latin hip hop recording artist Guayo1Hunnit delivers “De La High,” a high-energy song about a past high school relationship and the lessons he learned that helped him navigate life and current relationships. Guayo creates relatable dance music that references what’s going on in the world. 

The Funk Daddy-produced track “De La High” was shot in Seattle by Lacy.  The visual chronicles a teenage love story, capturing dates at school and around town.  The El Salvadoran native takes love songs to the next level with a mix of advice for young cats to respect their partners while he introspectively expresses gratitude for the impact his ex-girlfriend has on his mindset and work ethic.

Far too often people realize how good they have it after the relationship is over. Although Guayo1Hunnit wishes that he could hop in a time machine to rekindle an old flame, he puts his ego aside. He maturely offers inspiration for couples to enjoy their time together and cherish the positive shared experiences.

“The intent of the song is to value your partner or best friend because you never know what role that special person will play in your life in the future,” Guayo1Hunnit said.

Source: The Formula Entertainment

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