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Manager, Producer, Writer, Actor, Consulting, & Director, BiggVon



Meet Bigg Vonn an industry-kept secret and a true gem to the culture of Atlanta, GA, and its surrounding areas. Producer BiggVon is a phenomenal and industry-leading music producer, Manager, Songwriter, Actor, and Motivational Speaker. Born and raised in Detroit Mi, he has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years, creating music for numerous big artists across various industries. He owns a Grammy Award-winning production company, super producer, manager, and the CEO of (We Got Hits Productions). BiggVon’s company has scored music placements with fortune 500 corporations such as Walmart and Target, and top-selling video games such as “NBA Live,” “E.A. Sports”, and “Madden Football.” Gearing up for his latest releases as a music producer with his new placement on Mount Westmore featuring Snoop Dogg, E- 40, Too $Hort, and Ice Cube. Nonetheless, producing his own music and providing production for his new artist Marcel Anthony too.

The launch of his brand Corporate Culture Marketing and Films not only produces films but will provide networking events. This networking event will be a hub for his contacts and for new aspiring Atlanta-based entrepreneurs. If you are looking to jump into the entertainment business and have a catalog that matches Big Von then I advise you to stay connected. His upcoming event will be held on July 8th, powered by Tasty Notes Events brought to you by North 85 Entertainment and King James Worthy. Catch up with Bigg Von on Instagram and check out his recent films too.

 @iambiggvon @corporatculturefilms