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Ms. Amarachi Displays A Beautiful Blend Of Soul And Vibrancy In EP ‘The Skin I’m In’



Maryland native and multidivisional recording artist Ms. Amarachi is a unique figure who symbolizes not only intelligence but purity and black prosperity with each single she releases. While she preps for a major release later this year I took the time to sit down and give ‘The Skin I’m In’ a smooth listen.

Very introspective and personable, this EP is rooted in not only the empowerment of her skin complexion but the mindset of black women power. Clever puns are compliment by wonderful song arrangement and distinct beat selection that gives this collection of music similar appeal to me when I listen to a Kendrick or Solange album.

It’s really gives me a feel of a mix of those two artists and I don’t feel crazy for stating that. I don’t want o give away too much with people tuning in and listening but please give Ms. Amarachi a few plays in your free time via your go to DSP, you won’t regret it.

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