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DUSTY LOCANE Releases Visual For Single “DEADLY”



DUSTY LOCANE shares the new video for “DEADLY,” a dressed-down banger from his debut album, UNTAMED. The track finds DUSTY delivering laid-back bars over the instrumental’s eerie, echoing vocables layered with drill percussion: “Safes get cracked, that’s why I stay dangerous, baby/And I roll too turnt, so know you can’t never play me.”

The video for “DEADLY” serves as the sequel to his recent “ICED OUT” video, released earlier this month. After narrowly escaping arrest at the hands of the FBI with assistance from his bulletproof vest-wearing inside woman in “ICED OUT,” the video opens with DUSTY plotting on his next move. After his FBI associate instructs his latest squeeze what to do, DUSTY takes her to a parking garage where a transaction takes place under FBI surveillance.

As the feds decide to “take him down tonight,” the double agent cautions DUSTY to “be on point.” As he exits the garage under the FBI’s pursuit, he hands off the duffle bag to his lady friend who escapes the scene while the feds close in, leaving them empty-handed.

Source Audible Treats