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Brent Faiyaz Releases Single “PRICE OF FAME” Teasing His Upcoming Album ‘Wasteland’




Featuring dope production and Brent’s signature melodramatic vocals that combine emotion and brilliant song writing, the Maryland native unveils his much anticipated single “PRICE OF FAME” previewing his upcoming album ‘Wasteland.’

Brent Faiyaz has fans in much anticipation of this LP and his newest single is a mosh of uber-creativity that highlights every reason why he is a upcoming star. The visual shot by Shot + Directed by Bobby Banks has Brent in the spotlight as the beginning of the video showcases a fan excited to greet him.

While Faiyaz is grateful for all of the fame he has garnered in the recent years he is still adjusting and the premise for the single is based around it. The visual effects of the visual juxtaposes the audio quite profoundly.

With ‘Wasteland’ set to drop on July 8th, “PRICE OF FAME” cures the hunger of the toxic song maven’s growing fanbase for new music from him. Another brilliant drop from brilliant Brent.