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Wavvii Baby’s “Tonight ” A Rare Cali-Drill Track



Wavvii Baby’s Tonight is a mix of NY drill rap, but with a California feel featuring her cousin Jay Oh and produced by Chukkuma OTB.  Let’s say Wavvi Baby is a thought leader in popularizing the new verbiage “Cali Drill”. Creating abstract art and catchy tracks comes easily for Long Beach rapper Wavvi Baby. This authentic flip of RnB sensations Xscape’s “Tonight” with a feel of NYC Hip-Hop Drill track with her California feel.

Wavvii Baby is taking the initiative to be the first Long Beach rapper to flip a drill beat and make it universal and appealing. Not only a rapper with swag but a true lyricist and artist who wants to make a mark by being different in her approach. Wavvii Baby has dropped her new single “ Tonight” which proves that opening up the genre of drill rap and changing the context of the content is still happening and music can pivot. A young artist should take heed and learn to diversify their style of music, their flow, their strategies, and why they even started making music in the first place. 

Born on the East Side of Long Beach, CA, Wavvii Baby is no stranger to music and creating waves. From her music engineering degree to her notable RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum songwriting, Wavvii Baby has shown she is in the hit-making business. After charting Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Hot Country charts and landing a Chevrolet placement with her penmanship on the viral hit “My Truck (feat. Sam Hunt) – Remix”. Throughout her creative process, the music selection and A&R expertise from her manager Steven “Flow” Pacheco have added value and amplified her music to an overall vision. 

Being one of the first California young rappers, especially being a female emcee Wavvii Baby for mixing drill rap-rnb combining both east coast and west coast flavors.  Rapper and Fashion entrepreneur of Cliffyz and Strabians Worldwide and much more. Wavvii Baby can care less about trends but wants to stay in the pulse of music culture news. Wavvii Baby stated that as a culture we know as Black artists that we are the culture and are moving things forward and we are starting to understand who we are.  

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