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Exclusive: Vanessa Nicole Shares Sultry New Single “Baby”




Vanessa Nicole is a full-on multi-talented singer-songwriter and instrumentalist and pop songstress hailing from Long Island, New York. Vanessa Nicole’s new release ” Baby” is spot on for the summertime with a catchy hook, audacious lyrics, and an upbeat tempo.

Music for the summer should be fun, mysterious, and contagious; this particular track will be on consistent replay, most certainly from her recent TikTok views. Baby’s lyrics progressively get steamy and hot as she states in the song

Now we getting sexual baby

Taking off all of my clothes baby

Baby when the go lights out

You know

Vanessa Nicole will continue to share new singles that are all self-produced tracks in sole purity mastered directly from her in-house studio. Her records are all coming with creative style writing from all of her years of training in songwriting. Her precision will impact the masses and at only 22 years old she has a bright future ahead. No wonder she is being compared so early on to the great celebrities like Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande, and of course, she will continue to shine in her own light.

Listen to Vanessa Nicole’s new single below: