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Salma Slims Releases Single “Oh He Wanna”



Salma Slims

Salma Slims found success last year with single “Easy,” featuring Chanel Westcoast and Anaya Lovenote, Slims continues rising up the ranks. Returning to the forefront of music with her latest music video titled “Oh He Wanna,” Slims has her foot on the gas with no intentions of slowing down. Grossing over 1 million streams on the single collectively, this release could not have come at a better time. Letting it be known she is a force to be reckoned with, Slims serves up an impressive visual for her followers and budding fanbase destined to turn the summer up.

In the “On He Wanna” music video, Salma Slims reminds viewers that she has always been that “it girl.” She showcases a sexy, seductive physique with matching lyrically appealing bars and comes with punchline after punchline. Seen rolling around in an old-school Cadillac with a baddie best friend, you will see the Atlanta-bred artist transition into a Lamborghini before hitting the golfing range. As an authentic fashion influencer, her love for high-end fashion comes full circle as she and her girlfriends engage in a pillow fight with GUCCI encrusted floors and Versace emblems. Turning the function into a full-fledged party, you get a chance to see how talented Slims is as a creative and rising star.

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