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Rylo Rodriquez Releases Single “Benz Truck”




Rylo Rodriguez has poised himself as one of the rawest rhymers emerging from the south. Delivering on his reputation for diaritic street anthems, the 4PF signee shares his latest video single, “Benz Truck.” Over a slow burn instrumental of yearning guitar riffs and ethereal echoing vocables, produced by Quay Global, Rylo reflects on real ones lost and fake love gained and how both have served as constants in his rollercoaster rise to prominence, while displaying the clever wordplay that makes the Mobile, AL native a standout: “Got n****s dying daily, need to know my personal life/If I f****d then walk past her, but I ain’t going to church tonight.”

The NARDYMARLEY-directed visual for “Benz Truck,” much like the track itself, speaks to the darker side of the come up and reveals the sheer distance that separates a shining star from its closest neighbor. As Rylo reclines on a couch piled with stacks of cash or sits on the floor by the window of a lonely penthouse surrounded by candles, he discerns the bittersweet feeling of grieving in luxury.

Source: Audible Treats