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Jada Kingdom Drops Visuals For New Song ‘Last Night’



Jamaican sensation Jada Kingdom is here to bring the vibes and the message in her new song “Last night.”

Jada, who has been on the grind for some time now, has dropped the sultry Caribbean visual to accompany this new hit. While Jada’s voice is captivating, the song’s true message is what pulls you in.

Kingdom’s message of how serious sexual assault shows how the power of music can also be the very language to bring awareness to such an important topic.

The Caribbean songbird has been showing her talents and capturing the hearts of fans that are amazed at her vocal ability.

In March of this year, Jada performed the hit single “Back To Black” by critically acclaimed singer Amy Winehouse. Kingdom’s sharpened vocals in her usually sultry tones gave new life to the 15-year-old release.

Jada Kingdom is proving why we need to keep an eye out for her. Check out “Last Night” on all platforms.