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Ray J Supports LGBTQ+ Community In the Midst of Pride Month: Says Straight Men Need to Show More Love to Gay Men



June is officially pride month across the world and Brandy’s brother, Ray J is making it crystal clear that he’s in full support of the LGBTQIA community. And we love to see it. 🌈

The 41-year-old artist, reality star turned entrepreneur unleashed a nearly 12-minute Instagram live video clip showing crazy love and support to the gays, and even stated he wants to start his very on “Ray Pride.” In the now viral clip, Mr. Norwood, who says he was on his way to work as he broadcasted live to his followers, called out his heterosexual counterparts and suggested that they show more love to the gays.

“a lot of n***as that’s straight, they don’t be trying to shout out to the gay community and all my gay n***as the right way, so I got to do it because I want to make sure that I’m showing nothing but love, and I f*ck with y’all.”

Ray continued, “we have multiple businesses together, I got a lot of friends.” The business mogul went on to say how he would like to see more support come from his straight friends: “I told my n***as that [there] needs to be more straight n***as giving love to the gay n***as. I hate using that n-word but it’s serious though.” Ray continued…

“I got a lot of gay friends and a lot of real n***as that’s gay and we make a lot of money together but it ain’t just about the money.” There needs to be more straight n***as showing love to the community… just need to be. You know? It’s like what [are you] afraid of? I don’t know what it is but it’s nothing but love over here.”

His Instagram live stream was met with mixed reactions, with some his supporters happy to see him showing support and accepting every individual for who they, despite of their sexuality, while others started throwing jabs hinting that he was sending us a message in regards his sexual orientation.

While there may have been speculation in the past, Ray has always identified as a straight male, although rumors from back in the day tie him to his connection with Chris Stokes and the alleged sexual misconduct of R&B group B2K.

What is the History of Pride Month and when were the first Pride Parade?

“Following the Stonewall Riots, organizers wanted to build on that spirit of resistance. The following year, they organized a march to Central Park, and adopted the theme of “Gay Pride” as a counterpoint to the prevailing attitude of shame. That march down Christopher Street soon expanded to other cities, with many more joining in year over year through the 1970s until Pride became the massive celebration that we know today,” the site states.

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